How to use Titan Gel

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1. LUBRICANT: Lubricate your penis thoroughly before commencing the exercise. It is at this stage that “Titan Gel” cream is recommended for maximum effectiveness from training.


Titan gel how to use

2. ERECTION LEVEL Stroke your penis with light movements (but don’t be over zealous) to bring it to half erection – this state of the penis is optimal for blood “pumping”.
3. OK-GRIP: As long as “Titan Gel” stimulates blood circulation from the inside, you do it mechanically, clasping the penis with your thumb and forefinger in the “OK” sign as indicated in the photo on the left. This will be your basic grip.


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4. START FROM THE BASE: The instruction requires that the penis should be grasped at its base, as close as possible to the pubic bone. This will allow the entire penis trunk to be trained, from bottom to the head..


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5. MOVE UPSlowly moving up the axis, it is important you exert optimal pressure on the penis – a tangible pressure but not one that causes pain..


If each of such training is accompanied with application of the “Titan Gel” cream, you can reach the desired effect much faster than just doing the exercises.


 This combination doubles the effect of the gel – external stimulation of blood flow, triggered mechanically with your hands, complements the internal stimulation – effect of the special components of the cream on the small pelvis. It is this instruction for use that is the most correct and complete. 


The cream itself is a very effective product. Traditional rubbing of the cream into the skin will also bring the desired effect, but when combined with penis enlargement techniques, the effect will be greatly accelerated and enhanced.



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